New Year’s Resolutions

Backup 047

I am not normally one for making resolutions at the beginning of a new year.  Instead, when I get the feeling that I need to change something to enrich my life, I start then and there, rather than on the calendar’s artificial timeline.  And honestly, none of the changes and enhancements I have been working to implement had starting a blog as a component.  And yet here I am, doing just that.  My goals these past several months have centered around creativity and finding new forms of expression as I find myself living in and adjusting to a new location across the country from family, friends, and familiar pursuits, and I have made progress in implementing these goals.  It struck me when a friend mentioned she is starting a blog that doing the same myself might be just what I need to push myself to do more, learn more, create more, and share more.  In the coming months, I hope to cook new and different things, take more photographs (and learn how to edit them well), learn more about gardening in Zone 7 (as opposed to my Zone 4 comfort zone), tackle some projects that have sat for too long undone or incomplete, and draw inspiration from others of you doing the same.

I hope to make this blog a place where creativity and beauty reign, while still keeping things real.  I’ve started planning some posts and projects, and I am excited to see where this journey takes me, even if only my mother and children wind up reading this blog.

Wishing all who may see this a great start to 2014!



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