Snow Day


While I adore all the snow we got last night (I think it was about five inches), I don’t think my cherub likes snow here in Maryland any more than he did in Montana.  He almost looks like he’s shivering, poor thing!  Snow in winter makes me feel at home, gives me a chance to wear my favorite vintage faux fur coat, and ensures that I step away from my desk and get at least a little fresh air while shoveling and cleaning off the car.  And I think it’s vastly preferable to the continuous drizzle at 35 degrees F that we had last winter.  I think most of the people around here agree with my cherub, though.  How about you?

Wishing you all warmth and a lovely start to your weekend!



2 thoughts on “Snow Day

    • Oh, Kim, the thought of Smith River permits is a lovely thought indeed, especially if we are more fortunate this year than last (after being excessively fortunate in 2012)! I have NEVER pulled one in all the years I have applied (which is many), so maybe this year will be my year. I will be in Helena in early February, so perhaps we can have a Smith permit party at which we all agree on the dates we will put in for and have a fabulous time, after which we will each put in for whatever we wanted initially anyway! 🙂

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