Hang on, little blog! I’m just out in the “observable world.”

Bluebird January Day

Bluebird January Day

The phrase quoted in this title comes from Garrison Keillor, who recommends that everyone get out in the “observable world” to stimulate their creativity.  Although I just read the phrase today, that’s very much what I have been doing since last I posted.  I haven’t forgotten about the blog, I have instead been DOING things to fuel my creativity and, ultimately, my content.  Combined with my actual, very full-time job, this has left me little time for writing.  So what have I been doing?

  • Walking more, having more mid-day one person dance parties to get myself up from my desk and moving, and adding strength and core training back into my routine.  Not because I “have to” work out for some mythological size I might fit back into some day, but because it feels good, energizes me, and will help me be strong enough and fit enough to do the things I love to do.
  • Buying a DSLR camera, and becoming deeply immersed in learning how to use it and practicing.  I have a lot more learning and practicing to do, but since I signed up for some online and in-person classes, as well as buying (and studying) the Dummies book that goes with my new camera, I am on this.
  • Visiting Evergreen, a local grand-house-turned-museum that I have been meaning to go to forever, since its grounds make up part of one of my regular walking routes.  As the only person there for the on-the-hour tour, I had a lovely experience.  And, best of all, I think I am their new volunteer gardener!  They have groundskeepers and such, but the gardens could use some love (and a lot of weeding), so I let them know I would be happy to take that on.  They were delighted, as am I.
  • Planning and organizing around all the travel I have coming up — lots of it in the next month, with some for work and some for fun (although work trips are generally fun, too).  NOLA, Reno, Cambridge (MA) and Helena are all on the agenda in the next month.
  • Plunging into a major, major book sort (with an entire box ready to go to the used book store), an attic cleanup, and a huge magazine catchup/sort/organize/dump.  Not to mention getting all the Christmas decor down and put tidily away, followed by cleaning and de-needling the house.   Eliminating the clutter and simplifying, both literally and figuratively, figure prominently in my goals moving forward.

Where am I not doing as well?  Well, obviously, writing on this little blog of mine.  Oh, I have actually written a few posts that I haven’t posted — but I haven’t had the time to craft them or, honestly, make them as interesting as I would like.  Still figuring out how to write more creatively and not like a lawyer.  And I could be getting a bit (or a lot) more creative with the healthy food prep and cooking.  Nonetheless, I am pleased with the progress.  Some big steps, some baby steps, but almost all of them are propelling me in a forward direction!



One thought on “Hang on, little blog! I’m just out in the “observable world.”

  1. I am in the same mode as you are! Too busy “doing” to write it down. Like you, I have multiple things I started but didn’t like how they were going and finally just put something THERE so that I keep the discipline of writing. Your post is much better than my latest entry! Big hug to you!

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