Five on Friday


To give myself a bit of blogging structure, and to more publicly practice gratitude and take the time to enjoy (and share) life’s joys, large and small, I am going to start posting about five things each Friday.  What kinds of things?  Well, things I have been grateful for, things that have been meaningful or helpful to me (or just made me laugh), just . . . things that have made the past week lovely in some way.  So, here goes:

1.  This article on the daily habits of famous writers.

2.  I was a bit shocked when I realized that one of my favorite Rihanna dance tunes (from a mix on Pandora) was called S&M.  The subject matter may be unmistakable in the linked video, but I don’t always pay close attention to the words when just listening . . .  Oh, well, sometimes even we good girls need to embrace our inner bad girl, even if it’s only for a few minutes of mid-day dancing. Warning: totally NSFW (not suitable for workplace viewing)

3.  Speaking of my recently implemented mid-day dance parties, it is fortunate that I am home alone when I do this, since I am somewhat afraid I look like this dog while dancing.  Only not as cute.  And I do wear clothes.

4.  I seriously am so excited that it is blood orange season.  I can’t wait to make this fennel salad with blood oranges and arugula for dinner tonight.

5.  Sticking with the cooking theme, I am also excited about making these salt and vinegar kale chips tonight, and I have the kale washed and drying on the counter as I write.  I have seen a lot of recipes for kale chips, but I love the one from elana’s pantry for keeping the oil minimized and upping the tang factor with the apple cider vinegar.

And, as a bonus, a shout out to my new favorite app, Evernote.  I kept seeing it on lists of “best apps” and downloaded it not knowing how I would use it.  I have yet to come close to fully tapping its potential, but the more I learn and use it, the more excited I get about its organizational potential.

So, what has brought joy, inspiration, a laugh, a happy tummy, or organization to your week?  Wishing you all a lovely start to your weekend!


P.S.  Look at me!  I learned how to imbed links!  But I haven’t figured out how to keep the font of the link from being pink and huge.  I will get that figured out by next week.